Popcornopolis Fundraiser


Our Popcornopolis Fundraiser is underway! We will be selling Popcornopolis Cones and Baskets until Feb. 24th. This fundraiser is available to all Band, Percussion, and Guard members. Student accounts will receive a substantial percentage of the profits from their individual sales. Checks should be made payable to "CDS Band Boosters" and should be submitted to the Band Room by Feb. 24th. Items will be delivered on March 3rd -- just in time for Spring Break. For more information, please download the order form.
Regional Auditions

updated 1/30/2017

Congratulations to all our Corona Band students who worked so hard preparing for their regional honor band and orchestra auditions, and congratulations to all the students who successfully made it in! Mr. DuPlessis will have music to pass out and more information on Monday during class.

Forty-four people from CDS Band made it in (the most in the region). We also had seven students get alternate spots. There were seven students from Corona that got the highest scores in their section in the region, as well as three students who made it on multiple instruments.

Thanks to everyone who auditioned. We are proud of all of you for your hard work and dedication. Thank you to all our students and parents that volunteered to help run great auditions -- we couldn't have done it without you! Students will receive score sheets on Monday, and music folders for those who made it in. The West Region Festival will be held at Skyline High School on Feb. 17-18.


Rachel Eisinger-Leavitt - Orch. Piccolo (top in the region!)
Rachel Eisinger-Leavitt - also made Flute
Amanda Xu - Flute Orch. 2
Claire Fu - Flute Band 1st part
Aronee Hossain - Flute Band 1st part
Cydney De Los Santos - Flute Band 2nd part
Shazer Thwaits - Oboe Orch. 1 (top in the region!)
Emma Hedberg - Oboe Band 2nd part
Andrew Guess - Bassoon Band 1st part
Julia Qiu - Clarinet Orch. 1 (top in the region!)
Julia Qiu - also made Eb Clarinet
Debashis Biswas - Clarinet Orch. 2
Anthony Perkins - Clarinet Band 2nd part
Natalie Hunt - Clarinet Band 2nd part
Freyja Powell - Clarinet Band 2nd part
Ethan Hartman - Clarinet Band 3rd part
Abhash Shrestha - Clarinet Band 3rd part
Kerry Knox - Clarinet Band 3rd part
Brennan Agnew - Bass Clarinet Band
Zhaobo Zhang - Bass Clarinet Band
Mikaela Hatfield - Alto Sax Band 1st part (top in the region!)
Matthew Richards - Alto Sax Band 2nd part
Jax Hatfield - Alto Sax Band Band 2nd part
Lilly Edwon - Alto Sax Band 2nd part
Isaac Elkins - Tenor Sax Band
Danny Mester - Trumpet Orch. 1 (top in the region!)
James Miller - Trumpet Band 1st part
Saadiq Webster - Trumpet Band 2nd part
Abraham Muasher - Trumpet Band 2nd part
C.J. Shin - Trumpet Band 3rd part
Micah Reaban - Trumpet Band 3rd part
Matt Marples - Horn Orch. 2
Quinn McGrath - Horn Orch. 3
Danielle Leon - Horn Band 2nd part
Teresa Lowe - Horn Band 3rd part
Jesse Burkis - Horn Band 4th part
Alex Manning - Trombone Orch. 2
Ahmed Usman - Trombone Band 1st part
Lampton Bickham - Trombone Band 2nd part
Aidan Dinkel - Euphonium Band (top in the region!)
Michael Truswell - Euphonium Band
Spencer Pote - Percussion Orch. 1 (top in the region!)
Joseph Askins - Percussion (also made choir)
Trent Lindstrom - Percussion Band 4
Brianna Orrill - Flute 2nd alternate
Madison Wise - Clarinet 2nd alternate
Emilie Shin - Alto Sax 2nd alternate
McKenna Summers - Trumpet 1st alternate
Jonathan Reaban - Trumpet 2nd alternate
Kevin Delzepich - Trombone 2nd alternate
Elijah Renteria - Percussion 2nd alternate

Volunteer Opportunities!

During the school year (particularly during Marching Band season) there are often a wide variety of activities that Boosters can help out with. Here is an updated list of current volunteer opportunities:

- Hydration Team (Football games) Help keep the kids hydrated at games.

- Bus riders (For parents who have been cleared by the district).

- Uniform Check-In (Also for parents who have been cleared by the district).

CDS Band Boosters Online Store

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CDS Band Individual and Corporate Sponsorship Program 2016-2017


We are happy to announce our Individual and Corporate Band Sponsorship Program for the upcoming year! There are multiple levels, depending upon what you are comfortable donating. Details are available in these documents: Corporate Sponsorship Details and Individual Sponsorship Details.

How We Keep in Contact

We like to keep in touch with our awesome boosters. Toward that end, most of the information you need to know can be found at this website (particularly the Gmail calendar on the right) as well as our occasional e-mails. We also like to use Twitter and Facebook from time to time for news, quick reminders, etc. If you think that you are not receiving e-mails, please first check your spam folder (or "promotions" tab in Gmail), and if you're still having issues, please try our e-mail sign-up form.