Regional Honor Band and Orchestra


Congratulations to all our Corona Band students who worked hard preparing for their regional honor band and orchestra auditions, and congratulations to all the students who successfully made it in! Mr. DuPlessis will have music to pass out and more information on Monday during class. And thanks to all the students and parents who volunteered! Results: fifty-one (51) students from Corona Band - woo hoo! Including: top piccolo score, top flute score, top oboe score, top clarinet score, top alto sax score, top tenor sax score, top bari sax score, and top horn score.

Katie Bradshaw - Piccolo - Orch Picc
Amanda Xu - Flute - Orch 1
Emma Mester - Flute - Band 1st part
Emily Brzezinski - Flute - Band 1st part
Katie Bradshaw - Flute - chose picc
Rachel Eisinger-Leavitt - Flute - Band 1st part
Brianna Orrill - Flute - Band 2nd part
Erin Pelley - Oboe - Orch 1
Daniel Bish - Oboe - Orch Eng. Horn
Amber Li - Oboe - Band 1st part
Anuja Oke - Oboe - Band 2nd part
Shazer Thwaits - Oboe - Band 2nd part
Thomas Desrosiers - Clarinet - Orch 1
Sonya Tao - Clarinet - Band 1st part
Erin Pelley - Clarinet - Chose Oboe
Jisung Woo - Clarinet - Band 1st part
Nicholas Richards - Clarinet - Band 1st part
Emily Smith - Clarinet - Band 1st part
Benjamin Couey - Clarinet - Band 1st part
Grant Jensen - Clarinet - Band 2nd part
Debashish Biswas - Clarinet - Band 3rd part
Natalie Hunt - Clarinet - Band 3rd part
Joshua Kim - Clarinet - Band 3rd part
Matthew Cheney - Clarinet - Alternate 1
Victoria Reid - Clarinet - Alternate 2
Nathan Carr - Bass Clarinet - Band
Ben Chen - Alto Sax - chose Bari
Matthew Richards - Alto Sax - Band 1st part
Adlar Tao - Alto Sax - Band 1st part
Mikaela Hatfield - Alto Sax - Band 2nd part
Ben Chen - Tenor Sax - Chose Bari
Ben Chen - Bari. Sax - Band Bari
Danny Mester - Trumpet - Band 2nd part
Alexis Payne - Trumpet - Band 2nd part
Joshua Reyes - Trumpet - Band 3rd part
Shaojia Zhao - Trumpet - Band 3rd part
James Miller - Trumpet - Band 3rd part
Austin Schalk - Trumpet - Alternate 1
Jinoh Lee - Horn - Orch 1
Daniel Lee - Horn - Band 1st part
Harrison Redmond - Horn - Band 4th part
Jarren McBride - Horn - Band 4th part
Alex Manning - Trombone - Orch 3
Alex Grimm - Euphonium BC - Band
Grant Mills - Tuba - Band
Kayleigh Porritt - Tuba - Band
Spencer Pote - Percussion - Orch
Andrew Waldman - Percussion - Band
Angelita Ponce - Percussion - Band
Joseph Askins - Percussion - Band
Julia Schroder - Percussion - Alternate
Popcornopolis Fundraiser


Our awesome Popcornopolis Fundraiser is underway! We will be selling Popcornopolis Popcorn Cones and Baskets until Wednesday, Jan. 28th, with orders arriving on Friday, Feb. 13. Student accounts will receive approximagely 40% of the profits from their individual sales. Checks should be made payable to "CDS Band Boosters" and should be submitted to the Band Room by Jan. 28th. For more information, please download the order form.

Band Council Applications


Students: Are you interested in trying out to be drum major or section leader and/or be part of the Corona del Sol Band Council next year? If so, fill out the online application form, available here. The deadline to fill out the form is Feb. 6, 2015.
Join a Steel Band!

updated 12/15/2014

Corona del Sol Youth Steel Band
The Youth Steel Band is for middle school students who are involved in music programs at their school. We have four rehearsals and perform at the Corona del Sol Spring Percussion Concert. Learn the music of the islands on authentic steel drums! The sign-up form is available here.

Adult Steel Band
We're also looking for fun (but not necessarily musically talented) adults to join the Corona del Sol Adult Steel Band. With this event, owning a Hawaiian shirt is more important than having a sense of rhythm. If you're interested, you can find the sign-up form (including rehearsal schedule) here.

How We Keep in Contact


We like to keep in touch with our awesome boosters. Toward that end, most of the information you need to know can be found at this website (particularly the Gmail calendar on the right) as well as our occasional e-mails. We also like to use Twitter from time to time for quick reminders, etc. If you think that you are not receiving e-mails, please first check your spam folder (or "promotions" tab in Gmail), and if you're still having issues, please try our e-mail sign-up form.